Going online to get what you need sometimes go wrong,  have you ever wondered why you keep going I to the wrong sites, have you been worried and thinking aloud on the best sites to get all your carding done?, don’t worry, I’ve brought you good news.

Below are some top 4 rated sites that cannot be over-emphasized as regards carding, they get all your bump secured. They are accurate, reliable, dependable, diligent and committed, all you need is just to give them a visit, I assure you, you will explore!


There is nothing important than a shop to have a positive public relation, the image created in the hearts of clients by PRIMECC.ME is satisfactory, reliability and trust is the trademark, I tell you, our shop will give you core satisfaction on all your cardings.

Here with you, you will find bulky bins and various countries cards, our bins and cards are not obsolete, they are always rebranded, reloaded , updated every few days, so, you got a lot of varieties for your carding.

We are multi-faceted, connected, and only particular on only trusted cvv, Yes , we don’t do dumps, we aspire and identify your possible needs only for your  CCV, this as make us  a set apart shop, having a high competitive edge above others, various testimonies from our clients world wide speaks for us.

The price of our cards has it’s range, this is based on the base you pick, choosing a fresh base will surely cost you more, do not panic about that, it’s part of our duty to give desired options, we are doing this all for your perusal.

Our website checker is absolutely cool, it doesn’t block your card each time you make a check attempt, hence, why can’t you give us a click?

There are more to us, action they say speaks louder than words.


As people say black is beautiful, I tell you it is an understatement, CVVBLACK.RU, is a rare gem amidst others in terms of meeting customer expectations as regards carding.

Quality is their unique selling point, you matter to them and they treat you even than a king.

On a daily basis, our trusted cvv shops updates its cards and bins for your check, every new day is an era of new stocks, so you got all that you need without further ado, if you are looking for a good carding website, then you’ve come to the right place.

For conveniences and easy access, our portal is being segmented here on our website, it filters your search and gives you in-depth data including country, zip, bin, level, types, state and much more, there is an instant bonus too for every of purchase that you make. Take for instance you make an accumulation of $1000, I tell you an instant bonus of $100 awaits you, just like that.

Isn’t it beautiful? Be also advised, that this shop has USA and other countries cvvs, including a distinct checker that scan the cvvs and all vbvs, it also gives you a balance checker too.


This shop is also one of it’s kind, currently, registration is going on in there, with as low as $30 you will be activated, you will be connected and you begin to scan through a whole lot of cards being updated on the basis of 4-5 days, these are done in your respect to give you a whole lot of varieties, as customer satisfaction is our pleasure, we are coerced into meeting your requirement effectively.

The credit card dumps of this web store are available for Australia, USA, EU, Russia. This Cvv shops accept Bitcoins as a payment method.

Cryptocurrency is a safe and easy way to pay for goods and services, especially when it comes to dark webs.

CVV2U.SU, is a multifaceted shop, its tactical, different, peculiar, and quality assured, this shop do a whole lot of cvvs, dumps, RDP, Virtual phones and socks5, there are varieties in accounts too, which are  in terms of ( amex, paypal, bitcoin and the likes)any other stuff, all that is needed is only for you to activate your account, which is the first thing you need to do to get going.

There are also dashboard to check your balance with regards to your dumps and cvv balance too.



You should be careful of the choice you make, making a wrong choice sometimes can ruin your appetite, it might even make you go sick, funny enough you can avoid this with just a little click, especially for newbies, who are just getting started in carding.

It’s name BEST CVV, is not just a logo, or wording, neither it’s a figurehead, this shop outnumbered all other carding shops because of it’s simplicity, anticipation of want and needs in carding, procurement of essential cvvs, above all honesty, transparency, reliability, customer assurance and different auctioned unique points are the mission objectives of this shop.

Finding a reliable site can be hectic, as they’re a lot of sites that deals with scams and got you cheated, worry less!, I bring you good news, BEST CVV, got you assured, you are covered, and you will be glad to purchase your cards here.

The activation fee for this site is very discounted and low, unlike another carding website who demands more, our shops are considerate, we choose empathy as our pin-point, we are dedicated to giving you a positive experience with us.

BESTCVV is equipped with a huge number of over 200 USA cards and dumps, moreover, other countries cards are also available, having a lot of varieties, of course, there will be differences in quality of bins available, so do not be bothered, you can choose as much as you want, as I said earlier we anticipate for your needs and wants.

Be advised, we also accept bitcoin and dash payment method, we are kin to make sure that you are satisfied, this is our joy, and we keep hoping that we give you more positive experience even than what you deserve!.