In the case where you manage a business and you generally think that it is extremely hard to track the routine of your employees and in addition process their payrolls then you are missing out a lot of things as far as your business is concerned. This is simply due to the reason that, most businesses nowadays do not face that difficulty any longer; courtesy a trustworthy organization in the United States called Time Clock Genie. This organization has developed an employee online time clock that allows the employers to track the performances, time schedule, the duration spent on a job, and most above all to help them prepare the payroll for their employees without going through any stress or without wasting any time.  This software has really been of great importance to a lot of businesses in carrying out this stressful and time wasting work of tracking the routine of your employees or even in knowing the mileage that your driver goes. Therefore if you also want to always have an accurate and dependable statistic or report on the activities of your employees, they quickly install this software on your system.

Easily Track the schedule of your Employees

Reimbursements of Employees’ Funds

Most organizations give reimbursements to their employees for using their personal money or resources to handle company related matters like buying gas, paying toll fees, and a lot more of expenses that you can possibly think of. With this knowledge in mind, Time Clock Genie included a feature in the software that enables the employee to upload all the invoices, receipts and any other relevant document that will satisfy the amount of money that was spent as an employee. When the employee saves the information that he / she has entered unto the system and it is then approved by the manager, then that amount will be prepared when the payroll of that employee is being processed.  When it comes to this employees online time clock software, both the employer and the employee are not cheated when it comes to financial issues.

Request Time Off

If you want to request for a time off from work as an employee, you do not need to go through the stress of writing a request letter or going through a lot of difficulties just to have some hours off. All that you have to do is to go to the online time clock software and then request the number of hours that you want to be off from work.  After you have sent in the request, your manager may then choose to either approve or deny it. When it is approved, the system will automatically deduct the amount of money pertaining to the number of hours that you will stay off work. On the other hand, when it is denied, the manager then sends you a message that it was denied. This software has really made it very easy for the employer and the employee to work effectively and in transparency, where nobody is cheated in one way or the other.