The calories calculators on the Internet will make you believe that your bodywork is to add and subtract calories. If you keep on eating high calorie food items, your body will increase its weight. If you will eat rich food without any exercise, you will gain weight. What they do not tell you is that your body performs other actions also. The most important factor to lose weight is your metabolic rate. Your metabolic may behave in different manner. The kind of physical activity you do is also responsible for your metabolic rate. There are several strategies, which you can apply to enhance it. You can get detailed information from

Five Myths of Metabolism

Myth number one

Most of the people think that you cannot burn fat and build muscles at the same time.

People who have taken bodybuilding as their career are aware and those people who are using anabolic hormones can simultaneously build muscles. The general perception is that you need to focus on one thing and after getting success in that, you can switch on to another and deal with it.

Myth number two

All you have to do is to worry about your calorie intake.

Although, calorie plays a key role, but there are other things also, you need to focus on. If you focus solely on calorific value and how much you are burning, then it will serve as a shortcoming of additional eat less and exercise more routines.

Myth number three

Generally, people think that hormones work in isolation. It may benefit you like HGH or it may bring negative effects like cortisol. Metabolism makes use of these hormones and dictate them how to function in the body. The action of hormones is determined by the combination of different hormones, which are produced in the body. You will get more information from

When patients come to me and ask to suggest the best strategy for weight loss. The first question, which I ask to my clients, is that why they want to lose weight. The same question you can ask yourself if you are constantly following a strict diet regime. You need to find out why you want to lose weight. Do you want to deal with diabetes or high blood pressure? Are you suffering from obesity? These questions will determine how much weight you must lose and how to improve your health.

People who are following their diet regime for long and still they are unable to achieve their weight loss goal. There are supposed to reconsider their weight loss plan and find out if they are aiming for an unattainable goal. Let us take two celebrities for example so that you can understand that everyone has different goals and body types. Oprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell have different types of bodies, whicharecontrolled by their genetics. If you take two people of different genes, give them the same diet, and exercise regime, one will gain weight whereas the other may not increase a single pound of weight. If you find that after a certain period of time you cannot lose weight, then this is the right time to consult your dietician or fitness instructor and design a personalized strategy for weight loss.