To get over the old hassle of project management and planning it is necessary to switch to a smarter and simpler way to compact all the facilities and apps at one place and here clickup planning software comes into the picture. It assembles all the apps and software needs at one place.


The key features of include the Beautiful interfaces, 30-40% of time-saving, custom designed statuses and other than these you can also assign comments, multiple assignees, and much more other cool features. This integrates all the apps at one place like GitHub, Asana, xjira, slack and many others which make planning software convenient.

Project Management Software

Pricing and Adaptability

The prices are reasonable for each plan you choose. There are many big and small clients who have switched to clickup and are happy with the benefits thus it makes clickup affordable for all. With increasing burden and less time, it is necessary to have something wiki to fasten up your project planning and management thus is worth paying. Many people believe that so many choices may get you lost and  the with all the fancy look the main purpose will be defeated but that is not the case there is proper division of interfaces and apps according to the users need.

There are four categories available to de-ice pricing including the free plan for general usage and Professional, business, and enterprise plan with varying cost.

How it works

Switching to something new may sound complicated but actually it’s easy because click up has proprietary automated importing solution which lets you import your data from other locations and organize it in clickup itself. Secondly, it is often misconceived that clickup is for big businesses but it’s absolutely false notion because clickup has well-designed tools for high-class corporates to high school intern.

Click up also lets you set priorities and manage workflow in the settings page .SCRUM is available for the users who wish to switch to clickup a special board is designed for such users. Lastly but the best feature among all is white label plan available in the enterprise plan which lets you use your brand name. The cost feasibility and easy usage make clickup one of the most trusted planning software.

With all easy and smooth functioning, this also adds an X factor by providing the user the facility of managing more than one task at a time. Presently clickup has over 5000 growing businesses registered with itself and is becoming more and more popular day by day.


Overall it can be concluded that clickup is the solution to get yourself equipped with most suitable and perfect planning and management software. Therefore join now and sign up to access high quality and new generation managing solution now.

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