Your newly purchased hard disk needs to be formatted once before reading/writing of data into it. Format option is also beneficial for changing the existing file system. So, before buckling up your computer for saving your precious data, formatting is an important step. Once formatting is done, you are good to go!

However, what if you format a hard disk while having some important data stored in it? A great loss is awaiting boss! Wouldn’t you be relieved to know that you can get the files back? What if you can unformat disk?

Recover Accidently Deleted Files

Knowing the Causes to Erase a Hard Drive

Before getting onto the steps of un-formatting a drive, take a look below to know why we actually may need to format it in the first place.

  • Human errors! A person may mistakenly select a wrong drive while proceeding to format and hence the data might be lost.
  • When you are in a jolly mood and install some malicious third party apps, then your disk might get infected with viruses. As a result, you have to proceed towards format in order to save your computer.

Know How You Can Restore the Deleted Data

Good news is, when you format a hard drive, it does not erase your data completely. It only erases your address table allocated with it. So, if you change your mind, then you have it saved even inside the formatted hard drive.

However, this wonder is only possible when you don’t store any new information or data in your hard disk after you have formatted it. If you save new data in your hard disk, then your chances of data recovery gets reduced as old data gets over-written! So, stop using the formatted drive if you wish not to reach the permanent data loss level.

Luckily, there is reliable recover software available in the market that can help you in recovering erased data. It basically identifies the lost data on the basis of file’s unique signature. You can easily and quickly get back varieties of data including presentation files, documents, pictures, audio, and much more. Your formatted drive has to undergo a complete scan in order to recover the data. The lost data is identified on the basis of file’s unique signature.

Some Other Benefits Of Unformat Supportive Software

You can get some other important functions complementary to the prior one. Some of them are listed below:

  • You can have customized view to recover the file format you wish to restore.
  • Along with un-formatting drives, you can also un-format a formatted USB or SD card.
  • They also support various RAID arrays for restoring data.

Although you can recover the data, let’s not get it deleted in first place. You can practice various preventive measures like maintaining a backup, checking for viruses at regular intervals using efficient anti-virus software, checking twice before selecting any drive to format, etc.

Your data is valuable to you and its loss may cost you much and land you in unpredictable situations.  In case it happens, make sure you keep your trust on reliable recover software!