I love gambling. It’s such a rush to put money on the line, and — for me, at least — the thrill of winning big outweighs the sadness of losing cash. I’m careful and responsible about how much I gamble, but I do gamble a fair bit. It’s a hobby of mine, and I budget for it. I spend money on gambling the way that other people might spend money to attend sporting events or buy guitars.

I pretty much always gamble at casinos. I usually go with a few good friends who love gambling, too. But, as we’ve gotten older, we go less and less often. I’m still single, but most of my friends have settled down at this point. A few even have kids. They still gamble, but they tend to do so online.

They’re trying to get me into their online gambling scene, but I’m not sure I want to make the jump. There’s so much glamor to in-person gambling at a classy casino. What’s the point of gambling without the atmosphere?

Experts, am I being a jerk about this? Should I give this a shot, or just find new friends who have more time for casino trips?

We get it! Something about a glitzy casino makes gambling feel different. Gambling in a nice casino with a resort is more than just rolling the dice or flipping a card to see if you’ve won or lost money. It’s a cultural experience, a brand, a part of a big night out, an aspirational moment, and so much more.

But heading to a big casino resort is certainly not the only way to gamble. Plenty of less-than-glamorous casinos are out there, as we’re sure you know. There are private games (including illegal ones) that pit strangers and acquaintances against each other. There are friendly wagers made with friends. And there are, of course, online casinos and apps of the sort that your friends have gotten into in recent years.

Put another way, brick-and-mortar casinos do not have a monopoly on the gambling experience. People have been gambling for more than 3,000 years — maybe much more than 3,000 years, because we can only make educated guesses based on what we’ve dug up and discovered about ancient human civilizations. By contrast, the oldest Las Vegas casinos opened up in the 1940s — less than 100 years ago. People have been gambling for far longer than glitzy Vegas-style casinos have been around to gamble in.

If your gambling hobby existed only as an excuse to head to the local resort and catch some musical performances or drink some fancy cocktails at the bar, then it would be perfectly reasonable for you to skip online gambling entirely. But it doesn’t sound like that’s the case. You love the risk, and you love the games. Those are feelings that will translate to online gambling!

You love the casino experience, too, so you should not give that up entirely. But we see no reason for you to avoid gambling online. In fact, we know a few reasons why gambling online might make more sense for you than heading to a casino.

Online gambling happens on your schedule, of course, which means that it’s easier for you to game with your friends even when a weekend trip to the resort is out of the question. Some online casinos may allow you to play together, and plenty of apps will let you communicate and hang out virtually while you game.

Online gambling can also offer lower minimum bets, which is perfect for keeping your spending in check. That’s a nice perk for responsible gamblers like yourself. You’re very smart to set a budget!

The traditional look and feel of a glitzy casino is represented online with graphics and animations. But you’ll have other aesthetics to choose from, too! Creative apps and websites have different vibes that could only exist online, and some of the games are new, too. Many great online gaming apps combine creative graphics with classic games, as Double Bubble Slots does. Of course, you’ll always be able to return to what you know anytime you’d like to.

So give your friends and online gambling another shot. You should keep doing what you love, but don’t limit yourself! You have lots of reasons to gamble online.